The real purpose of running isn’t to win a race,
it’s to test the limits of the human heart.”
– Bill Bowerman

Remember why you run. Whether it’s for a feeling, a goal or a person. Hold on to that and never forget it. Ask yourself every day, why do I run?

For me, I run to prove that I can do the impossible. To prove my strength, my determination and to push my limits.

Why I Run was created as a platform for inspiration, motivation and community. It’s a place to collect and share stories with hopes to inspire others to make a change in their life. It’s also a creative outlet where I can live out my passions, and create a community of my own.

Why I Run consists of 3 parts: Fitness, Food and Music. Here, you’ll find stories of others that I find inspirational as well as workouts to spice up your gym routine; my favourite recipes and latest food obsessions; and songs that get me through my toughest runs and most physically demanding workouts to add to your next playlist.

Everyone runs for different reasons. What’s yours?

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