Genuine Health’s
21 Day greens+ Challenge: Part 3

Written by Katie

Last month I took on Genuine Health‘s 21 Day greens+ Challenge.

The goal of the challenge was to take a non-greens+ user, and have them introduce greens+ into their diet. The aim of the campaign is to get users to understand if their body (measured via urinary pH) is more acidic or alkaline. What should happen is users should see an increase in their urinary pH over the course of 21 days.

In my Part 2 post, while documenting my 21 days, I wrote about how I was incorporating greens+ into my diet, which usually involved a delicious green smoothie to start my day, or mixing it with gatorade, if I was running in the morning and thus not having a smoothie for breakfast.

So what have the results been over 21 days? Keep reading to find out!

Results after 21 Days with greens+

After 21 days, I did see an increase in my urinary pH as measured first thing each morning with pH paper. I noticed that what I ate and drank would impact my measurements the next day. For example, I noticed that on nights I had alcohol, my urinary pH would significantly decrease.


At the start of the challenge my urinary pH registered at about a 5.5, and within 21 days it rose to 6.8. I found that greens+ was incredibly easy to add to my diet (I mostly did this through smoothies), because it’s a green powder that can be added to liquids or other viscous foods and be stirred/blended in.

It would be interesting to see how long it would take my body to reach a pH level of over 7. I might casually do my own challenge again, just to test this theory out.

What comes next?

Post-21 day challenge, will I continue to use greens+? Yes! It’s an incredibly easy product to incorporate into my diet. With it being jam packed with nutrients, it’s definitely something I’ll continue to add to my daily breakfast smoothie. The more nutrients I can get in my day, the better.

I’m curious to try out other flavours of greens+, such as its natural flavour, as well as acai mango, vanilla, or orange. I think some of these flavours would really compliment different kinds of smoothies.

If you’re a greens+ user, how do you incorporate the product into your diet?

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