Goodlife Half Marathon 2015 Playlist

Written by Katie

Over the last 2 months, I’ve been working hard to train for my first half marathon. Me, the once non-runner will be running 21.1km in the Goodlife Half Marathon!

I still remember the first time I trained for and ran my first 5km race. When registering for the race, I had to decide whether I would be able to finish the race in over or under 30 minutes. At the time, I was a very beginner runner, so the thought of me running more than 30 minutes was scary, while conversely, being able to run a 5km under 30 minutes seemed almost impossible at the time. In the end, I chose to pick a sub-30 minute finish time which was the push I needed, to train hard and seriously for it. In the end, I completed my first 5km race in 26:57!

Fast forward 2 years later, and several 5km and 10km races under my belt, I’m ready for the next step in my running journey: my first half marathon. The goal? To run it under 2 hours.

As many of you know, I have a huge passion for both music and running, and I love to create playlists for when I’m working out …. especially during race season. I put a lot of thought and care into the playlists I create for races, because I want to ensure that I have motivating yet steady songs at the beginning of the playlist, to remind myself not to run too fast out of the gate, then have those clutch boost songs as I get tired throughout the race, and finally a few power songs at the end to give me that push to sprint towards the finish line.

Goodlife Half Marathon 2015 Playlist

What will I be running to during the Goodlife Half Marathon 2015? Check out the Spotify playlist below!

Carefully crafted to ensure you have the right songs playing over a 2 hour period, this playlist will have you blow past each kilometer!

Enjoy! And good luck to those running the race!

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