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April 2015

Written by Katie

We’ve made it through winter! Let the summer anthems begin! Spring is always a fantastic time for music, as it’s when many artists begin to release new tracks and/or full albums. Check out my April 2015 playlist below!

April 2015

Favourite Song: Impression by Matt Woods

“Impression” by Matt Woods came up on my Spotify one day when I was browsing random music. It’s smooth, and sexy sounds and lyrics caught my attention immediately. It’s a song that just pulls you in, and leaves you in some what of a trance.

Matt hails from the UK, and is classically trained as a chorister. You can definitely hear his love of vocal harmony in his music. He recently released his latest EP back in April (which is available on iTunes here). It features three songs, the title track “In The Dark”, “Impression”, and “Leaning Towers”. Wondering if he had any other EP’s or LP’s I was surprised to see that he has 11 other albums on iTunes.

I can’t wait to check out more of his music, and hope he releases even more tracks soon!

Favourite Album: Walk the Moon’s “Talking is Hard”

After seeing Walk the Moon perform at the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto at the beginning of April, I have had their latest album “Talking is Hard” on repeat.

Oh, Anna Sun….. #walkthemoon #TIHtour

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I was a huge fan of their first self-titled album “Walk the Moon” when it was first released back in 2012. With title tracks “Anna Sun” and “Tightrope” you can’t help but get caught up in Walk the Moon’s infectious pop melodies.

Talking is Hard“, is no different. Released in December of 2014, Walk the Moon finally came onto main stream with their hit “Shut Up and Dance“. Trust me, if you haven’t heard this song, you’re going to want to go to a large space in your house, turn up the volume and get ready to have your own private dance party. It’s that good.

Other fantastic songs from the album include: Different Colors, Up 2 U, Work this Body, and Portugal. Truthfully, the whole album is fantastic from start to finish, but those are just a few of my favourite songs.

Really recommend you check out the whole album, and if you ever get the chance, go see Walk the Moon live! It’s like one giant dance party.

Favourite New Artist: SIVIK

SIVIK has been described as a Neo-R&B Popster. He’s a songwriter turned pop star and is from Los Angeles. That’s about all I know about him! He has no official website (yet), just a Facebook Page and Twitter profile. His Facebook about section reads: “SIVIK is an artist who’s vision is to create songs without rules and boundaries”. Hmm very mysterious. He reminds me of what Who Is Fancy did before revealing himself.

Regardless, I am obsessed with his track “High“. Much like the artist, the song itself is mysterious. You can just feel the yearning and desire for someone or something with its infectious and sexy beats. SIVIK himself describes the song being “about the beginning stages of attraction and lust when you first meet someone you’re into. The songs that follow will describe what happens next”.

Speaking of the “songs that follow”, SIVIK currently has 5 singles available for purchase on iTunes, check them out here.

U Got



High (LÜC Remix)

Honourable Mentions:

Other fantastic songs from this month that I’m vibing on, include:

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