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March 2015

Written by Katie

March was a very (emphasis on VERY) good month for music. Some of my favourite bands released brand new music and I discovered many other great tracks! All the details are here in this post to recap music in March 2015!

March 2015

Favourite New Songs:

Count ’em up! 3 brand new tracks, from some of my favourite bands. I felt super spoiled in March. These three songs were specifically on repeat for the majority of the month.

Fairly Local by Twenty One Pilots

Ever since I discovered Twenty One Pilots about a year and a half ago, I have literally been obsessed with them. So I could not be more excited that they’re releasing new tracks, but also have a brand new album entitled “Blurryface” scheduled to be released on May 19th 2015. You can pre-order it on iTunes.

Their first single, Fairly Local, was definitely much different from the music I was sort of expecting from TOP, and I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sold after the first listen. But with the song on repeat, I definitely started to dig it, and now really like it. This song is a little dark, and with the video, the concept of Blurryface is finally revealed. Who exactly is Blurryface? No one is really sure.

I can’t wait for more tracks to be released!

Psycho by Muse

Next up, Muse, a band that I have loved since I was in high school is releasing their 7th album, Drones, on June 8th 2015.

Psycho is the first track released off the new album, and like in Muse fashion, is one badass rock song. I’m hoping I can finally catch Muse live in Toronto, if they decide to make Canada a part of their world tour. Fingers crossed!

Believe by Mumford & Sons

This is one track that really surprised me. The latest song by Mumford & Sons, Believe, doesn’t sound anything like Mumford & Sons. There’s no quick catchy guitar strumming reminiscent of an English or Irish pub. It’s slow, steady, and calm? Then, towards the end of the song, there’s an electric guitar solo. What? Definitely a new sound and vibe from the band. It strangely works, but I’m keen to hear more from their new album “Wilder Mind“, set to be released on May 4th 2015.

Favourite New Artist: James Bay

James Bay has been around for a while now, but he’s really starting to blow up in North America. A talented singer, songwriter and guitarist from England, James released his first full album in March 2015 entitled “Chaos and the Calm“.

His first single, and my favourite song of his career thus far, “Hold Back The River” is amazing. It begins with a slow build, but when the chorus hits, the song pounds with passionate, and melodic lyrics.

Just listen to it, you’ll love it.

Favourite New Album: “The Definition” by Jon Bellion

I wrote about Job Bellion in my January 2015 Monthly Music post. After obsessing with his song “Luxury” for two solid months straight, I finally realized that I should probably check out his other tracks. Enter his full album (which can be downloaded for free here by the way).

Spoiler alert, the whole album is awesome, and very different. Much like the first track I fell in love with (“Luxury“) was.

Favourite tracks (besides Luxury) include:

Honourable Mentions:

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